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The largest Canada study abroad exhibition with 50 Canadian colleges

Saigon, Jan 23, 2021Yes Study proudly holds an Online Study Abroad Exhibition with 50 leading universities and colleges in Canada, helping parents and students connect with school representatives to talk about the chapter. training, applications, scholarships to study in Canada, jobs after graduation, and opportunities to settle in Canada to live and develop a long-term career.

Study in Canada, enrolling courses in May, September 2021 with Yes Study

With a modern education, widely recognized and valuable worldwide, and the cost of studying is not too high, Canada is a promising land for international students. Especially for students, as well as those professionals who are planning to take their career to new heights.

According to the latest information from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), international students who receive letters of admission (LOAs) from Designated Learning Institution (DLI) registered schools will be allowed to fly directly to Canada to complete their course. Although when entering Canada after January 2021, international students will have to quarantine at home for 2 weeks.

International students in Canada are allowed to work overtime up to 20 hours a week while studying, as well as enjoy great social benefits and access to many post-graduate immigration opportunities. The job market in Canada is quite vibrant with more than 300,000 new jobs being created each year, with Toronto and Vancouver alone being the top two cities.

Not only can Canadian citizens enjoy many benefits such as medical care, start-up support, and unemployment benefits and many other benefits, but international students in Canada also have similar benefits depending on each phase.

The last point to make Canada a promising land for international students is that this country is expanding its immigration policies to top investors and professionals around the world, with many immigration programs. skills and province are very diverse. This is the reason why Canada ranks first in the list of countries with the most international students in the world.

Due to the frequently changing policies and regulations of immigration Canada, as well as a wide variety of training programs, Yes Study welcomes future students to an exhibition to study abroad to answer questions and assist their concerns. 

The main content will be discussed at the exhibition in Canada

Yes Study’s online Canada study abroad exhibition covers topics about the curriculum, research, discipline, and level of study as follows, as well as answering questions and concerns of parents and others. students about life, employment, and residency in Canada.

The program discussed at the Canada study abroad exhibition is as follows.

– Introducing 50 leading universities and colleges in Canada such as York University, Trent University, Humber College, University Canada West, and many other prestigious schools in Canada.

– Consulting all levels, from high school, college, university, to master’s, doctoral level.

– Study orientation, career path with over 500 disciplines.

– List of leading majors in Canada with many job opportunities, easy to apply for immigration.

– Consulting solutions to study in Canada during the 2021 epidemic season.

– The process of applying to study in Canada is for international students.

– The opportunity to receive scholarships up to 100% of tuition.

– Receive and review records right at the exhibition.

– Aim for international students after graduation, along with job opportunities and the ability to connect with leading experts and employers in the industry.

– Student life in Canada, currently the world’s top livable country.

– Choosing a place, health care arrangements, safety, and other considerations when studying in Canada.

Benefits of participating in the Yes Study Canada Study Abroad Workshop

– To meet and interact online with admissions representatives of 50 top universities and colleges in Canada.

– To have a one-on-one consulting session with school representatives who have a training program that is suitable for a suitable study orientation and future career.

– Get consultation on the most comprehensive study abroad route with Yes Study’s Canadian experts.

– Stay up to date with the latest Canada study information for 2021.

– Guide to Canada immigration procedures with many additional provisions during the Covid-19 season.

– Guide to writing a perfect study plan / study plan to convince the consulate.

– Advice to study in Canada for savings without financial proof under the Study Direct Stream (SDS) program.

– Considering scholarships right at the exhibition with many exclusive scholarships worth up to 50-100% of tuition fee.

An exclusive gift for participating in a Study Abroad from Yes Study

Parents, students, and brothers and sisters will be free of charge for many services to complete Canada study profiles, not only in Vietnam but also during their studies in the country of maple leaves. Future students will have the opportunity to receive a support package of up to 60 million VND, reduce financial burden, help them having a journey to conquer the land of maple leaves without worry.

– Free $ 150 school records review fee.

– Tourist visa for relatives when applying at the seminar.

– IELTS training voucher worth VND 200,000 at The IELTS Workshop.

– Arranging housing in Canada, airport shuttle, health insurance registration.

– Supporting students throughout the process of studying abroad in Canada.

– A souvenir from Yes Study.

Opportunity to work in Canada up to 3 years after graduation

After graduation, international students will be granted a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) working visa for up to 3 years. This is a stepping stone for Canada’s immigration destination, in which international students accumulate 1-2 years of work experience to gain 40-53 points on the Canadian Immigration Department’s review scale.

Toronto and Vancouver lead the job market in Canada with median income in the downtown area of ​​up to C$ 45,000 – 56,000 a year, compensating for the high cost of living, mainly renting houses and transportation. again. For the hot graduates, leading the class, with a company that offered a job right from the time they were in school, working and living in Toronto or Vancouver is not difficult.

As for the international students studying in a career that is difficult to find work, or graduating in difficult times like the past 2020, Canada still has many other options, from living and working in smaller cities. , to the selection of settlement programs in other provinces.

Yes Study’s Canada study abroad exhibition will be an opportunity for parents and students to exchange and get specific advice about this study, work, and settlement options in Canada.

Appropriate solution and immigration program to Canada

Upon expiration of the PGWP and experience working in Canada for the past 3 years, international students can apply for permanent residency (PR) under a skilled profession.

Some of the well-known programs of this type are: The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP), the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program or the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, or Quebec (Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility).

Yes Study is pleased to accompany parents, international students and families throughout the process of studying, working, and living in Canada, from the time of enrollment to the submission of immigration documents in Canada. . Please contact Yes Study’s offices in Vietnam for detailed advice on settlement programs suitable for you and your family.

Canada workshop on getting student visa and moving to Canada

Saigon, Oct 26, 2020Yes Study holds its Canada workshop with representatives from prestigious schools in Canada: Centennial College, Confederation College, Saskatchewan Polytechnic College, and tuition scholarships of up to VND 80 million.

Coming to the seminar, future students and their families will have the opportunity to talk directly with special guests to find the perfect choice for a future career while studying in Canada. Experts from Yes Study and Le Immigration with extensive experience in the field of study abroad and immigration will assist those wishing to study abroad in Canada along that long and exciting journey.

Time: 08: 30-12: 00, Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Venue: 480 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 2, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

College and university partners at Canada workshop

Representing four prestigious schools in Canada including George Brown College, Confederation College, Langara College, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic College, the Canada workshop would address any concern from future students regarding college application, submitting bioethics, Canadian visa application, and arriving in Canada.

With representatives from The IELTS Workshop, Canada workshop would also address concern regarding English language barriers while studying in Canada.

Extremely simple procedure for applying for a Canadian student visa 

Canada has a policy to encourage international students and immigrants to come to this country, most notably the SDS (Study Directs Stream) program – studying in Canada without financial proof. From March 15, 2018, SDS will be officially applied in Vietnam.

Vietnam is very honored to be one of the only 5 countries in the world to benefit from the SDS student visa program. This program helps to speed up the process of processing student visa applications of Vietnamese students when studying full-time at colleges or universities in Canada.

Job opportunities and career development in Canada after graduation

International students in Canada are always given favorable conditions to both study and work. The school will issue certificates and sponsors for students to work part-time while they are in school. This not only helps students earn more income to cover their living expenses but also foster communication skills, improve students language skills, understand more about people and the country of Canada.

Not like the UK or some other countries. It is imperative that international students return to their home countries immediately upon completion of the course. But also the Canadian government will encourage international students to stay and work in Canada. University or graduate students are allowed to stay in Canada to work from 1 to 3 years.

Diverse and welcoming immigration programmes

After graduation, if students can find a job for at least 6 months or 1 year, they will have the right to apply for immigration. Accordingly, each province in Canada will have its own settlement policies to encourage immigration based on the actual needs of the state at that time. When applying for immigration, students will have the following typical concerns.

Cost of Canadian immigration program after graduation.

Ability and conditions to be able to immigrate to Canada.

Records, processes, and procedures to immigrate to Canada for international students.

With experience that has successfully supported more than 1,400 records, Yes Study is a study abroad counseling center that is trusted by many parents and students in the field of studying in Canada. Yes Study has been selected by more than 100 Canadian schools as a trusted information support strategic partner for Canadian international students.

Programs to study easy to immigrate to Canada

Immigration Canada ranks candidates by age, subject of study, work experience, and language ability to assess a candidate’s potential to contribute to the development of the Canadian economy. This scoring system is Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Accordingly, each discipline, each level of study will have its own score calculation. 

About Yes Study, a trusted study abroad agency

Conquering the dream of studying abroad is a long way. Choose the right and build a reasonable Canada study route to help students reduce cost pressure, save time, and optimize study abroad opportunities. Yes Study is proud to be one of the first and only counseling centers in the field of studying abroad in Vietnam and Canada.

iPot Cannabis expected to become Ontario’s largest cannabis retailer

Toronto, Oct 24, 2020iPot Cannabis announced today that it is expected to open its first authorized cannabis retail store. The store will open under the company’s iconic brand of iPot Cannabis, an Ontario cannabis retailer.

Founded in 2019 by marijuana activist Max Kay, it is located in Toronto’s trendy Queen Street East. iPot cannabis will open as a newly renovated legal cannabis retailer. iPot remains focused on celebrating the pride of cannabis, providing an authentic cannabis shopping experience, and staying true to the backbone of its loyal Queen Queen East cannabis community.

Canadian cannabis market forecast

Canada’s entire cannabis market, including medical and recreational cannabis retailer and product lines, is expected to generate up to 7 billion Canadian dollars in sales by 2020, of which the legal recreational market is 2 to 4 billion Canadian dollars. Medical marijuana is expected to generate another 700 million to 1.7 billion U.S. dollars in sales, while the illegal market will further bring in 500 million to 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

The cannabis retailer market is expected to have a significant impact on the Canadian economy as a whole. A study by Deloitte Private pointed out that the potential economic impact of legalized recreational marijuana in Canada exceeds 22 billion Canadian dollars, including transportation, licensing fees and security.

According to CIBC analysts, the investment banking subsidiary of Imperial Bank of Canada stated that the retail value of the adult cannabis use market will reach $2.5 billion in 2020 and $4.1 billion by 2021.

iPot Cannabis to become Ontario’s largest cannabis retailer

Ontario is the first province to open to the outside world. The province plans to develop a detailed plan for the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana after Ottawa legalizes it next summer. The province has formulated a detailed plan for the sales and distribution of recreational cannabis and cannabis retailer.

iPot Cannabis sells through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), which does not have any storefronts, but provides an online channel that includes an age verification system to ensure the safe delivery of cannabis products to homes. OCS also acts as a wholesale supplier to private cannabis retailer.

Through continuous competitive product calls, iPot Cannabis continues to work closely with licensed manufacturers, accessory suppliers, and cannabis retailers to ensure that the store has sufficient supply and a wide range of cannabis products to choose from to meet Ontario consumption needs.

Ontario cannabis dispensaries may reach 1,000 by next fall

Toronto, Sep 1, 2020Currently, there are more than 100 legal Ontario cannabis retailers, almost 500 in Alberta, and some experts believe that there will be more than 1,000 legal cannabis retailers in Ontario next fall.

Ontario cannabis retail revenue is hardly encouraging-Ontario’s most populous province has consolidated its leading position-and the growth rate may continue for several years to reach store saturation.

The sleeping giant of the Ontario cannabis retail industry seems to be waking up. The province has the highest income of all jurisdictions in the country for the third consecutive month.

Canadian cannabis market potentials

The Canadian cannabis market has been growing steadily. The number of Canadian patients contracted to receive medical marijuana in the country has increased by an average of 10% per month. The sales volume of dried cannabis has grown steadily at a rate of 6% per month, while the sales volume of hemp oil has grown at a rate of 16% per month.

In 2017, approximately 4.9 million Canadians aged 15 to 64 spent approximately C$5.7 billion on cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes. This is equivalent to approximately $1,200 per cannabis consumer.

According to a new report “The State of the Legal Cannabis Market” released by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, Canadians spent $1.6 billion on legal cannabis in 2018, more than double what they spent on medical cannabis in 2017.

Ontario cannabis market being the awakening dragon

According to the data, the retail sales of legal weeds in Ontario was approximately 66.9 million Canadian dollars in August. It has been increasing steadily in recent months, from 40.3 million Canadian dollars in April to 41.1 million Canadian dollars in May and June 48.9 million Canadian dollars and 60.3 million Canadian dollars in July.

In addition to steady growth, Ontario’s June, July and August revenues were also higher than Alberta, which was an early and impressive benchmark for cannabis retail in the country.

Ontario cannabis market compared to Alberta’s

Statistics Canada’s report from April to August showed that Alberta’s monthly weed retail revenue for these five months was 42.3 million Canadian dollars, 46.3 million Canadian dollars, 46.7 million Canadian dollars, 51.8 million Canadian dollars and 51.8 million Canadian dollars. 52.6 million Canadian dollars.

Ontario cannabis market compared to Quebec and British Columbia

Quebec and British Columbia, the next two provinces with the most income, have also generally seen increases since April. According to Statistics Canada, weed retail revenue in Quebec in August was 44.6 million Canadian dollars and in British Columbia was 36.5 million Canadian dollars.

No matter which province, people should expect that as the degree of saturation approaches, another change will take place in the layout of Ontario cannabis retail land. It is expected that top companies and brands will acquire stores. For example, these stores may not have back-end efficiency and can no longer be profitable.

An explosive growth in Ontario cannabis retail

There is an explosive growth, which totaled US$232.7 million in July 2020, an increase of US$30 million from US$201.1 million in June. This is the largest monthly increase since the legal market opened two years ago.

There is no doubt that this is the summer of the expansion of Ontario cannabis retail locations, including access to communities like Yorkville and Reyside, where people prefer to see Cartier instead of dispensary stores and Marcelatis instead of Ontario cannabis.

Legal retail options for Ontario cannabis

Mergers have already begun, some of which have been in cannabis trials for two years and are expected to take place, followed by regular business performance reviews.

Prior to this, it is expected that stores in many provinces will continue to grow. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), which is responsible for legal online sales, recently provided some incentives to encourage making a difference in the ongoing illegal weed market-40.1% of consumers surveyed stated that they were from illegal suppliers in 2019 Weeds were acquired, and a percentage of 51.7% in 2018-is operating.

The Ontario Cannabis Store report stated that from April 1 to June 30, the average price per gram of dried flowers on the provincial retailer’s website was US$7.05 (including tax), while the average price per gram of dried flowers on the illegal mail order website was US$7.98. 

More new formats of Ontario cannabis bodes

In addition to more cannabis stores, having more new formats of Ontario cannabis bodes well for the health of the entire industry. Various items from flowers to vape, external use, tincture, food and drink are provided as choices, making it easier for people who don’t want to light up their joints.

When marijuana was first legalized on October 17, 2018, for legal marijuana producers, such as Canopy Growth and Aurora, valued at billions of dollars, a major obstacle to economic success was the legal location to purchase marijuana in Ontario limited.

Along Eglinton Avenue, between Avenue Road and Chaplin Crescent, four legal marijuana shops have been opened or opened, currently in Leaside there are three.

Obviously, there are now more stores and more products available, but compare Canada’s latest single month total of 244.9 million Canadian dollars with the entire 2019 retail and online sales of 908 million Canadian dollars.

Canadian Choice Awards recognising Toronto’s best SMEs

Toronto, Aug 20, 2020The Canadian Choice Awards is one of the first national projects to recognize companies based on customer recognition, and provides a unique opportunity for local organizations to showcase their services.  

A new reward program has been launched to recognize and reward Canadian companies that exceed customer satisfaction. 

Canadian Choice Awards to recognize Ontario’s SMEs

The Canadian Choice Awards aims to recognize Ontario’s small and medium-sized enterprises in 2020 nationwide in 2021, especially those customers who can demonstrate firm and continuous commitment to their customers. The public can nominate companies for many reasons, including providing excellent and high-quality products, innovative services or a certain degree of customer care, which raises the standard and far exceeds the average.

Canada Choice Awards to recognise best businesses nationwide

The Canadian Choice marketing expert Sara Mills said: “We know that small businesses are vital to the future of Canada’s economy, which is why we support this community and ensure that outstanding organizations receive the recognition they deserve.” Award. “We understand how difficult it is to focus on marketing and core business at the same time. This is what prompted us to create the Canada Choice Awards, which helps to promote it nationwide.” 

Nomination process from Canadian Choice Awards

All nominees for the Canadian Choice Awards are nominated by clients. The winners are selected based on the comments and feedback from the local community. The “Canadian Choice Awards” panel listened to real customers’ comments on their experiences in the organization. They reward companies that do have an impact on the audience and have a real impact on the business environment.

Digital badges for Canadian Choice Awards winners and nominees

Both the winners and nominees will receive personalized digital badges that can be displayed through online channels such as social media accounts and commercial websites to demonstrate their popularity. The winner will also benefit from more media opportunities, which provides a new way for Canadian companies to attract and reach target groups. 

Customer-oriented recognition

Although the change-focused team behind the “Canadian Choice Awards” is located in Toronto, Ontario, the program has been rolled out across Canada, and the program has been extended to places outside of major cities across the country to ensure representation in small towns. Inadequate companies are recognized and recognized for their work. “Although the size of the business may vary, the importance of customer-oriented recognition remains the same in all communities,” Mills added.

Yes Study launches Smarties’ Planet loyalty programme for Torontonians

Toronto, Aug 26, 2020Smarties’ Planet – a new product of Yes Study to thank students who have trusted Yes Study as a stepping stone to their dream of studying abroad.

What is better than when you come to Canada to study, immerse yourself in the top educational environment and build a brilliant career, while receiving a series of incentives exclusively for international students in Canada.

Yes Study launches their Smarties’ Planet loyalty programme in Toronto

From September 19 to October 19, 2020, Smarties’ Planet issues a new membership card completely free of charge, so with just one click you become Silver Smarties. Then you can visit Yes Study office in midtown Toronto any time to receive your Smarties’ Planet membership card and get more detailed advice.

Membership tier from Smarties’ Planet loyalty programme

Smarties’ Planet loyalty programme comes in three tiers ranging from Silver, Gold, to Platinum. Silver members are only free to apply for schools, transfer schools in Canada. When upgrading to Gold and Platinum membership, members unlock more special offers, from supporting visa renewal, applying for work permits and post-graduate work permits, to free immigration programme advice, immigration service discounts and priority access to exclusive events for Smarties family members. 

And also get special deals when you drop by Yes Study’s partner brands and restaurants in Toronto. So quickly rank up to Platinum to enjoy the top deals from Yes Study!

Smarties’ Planet loyalty programme partners with fast food chains and fashion brands

Yes Study is currently having their Smarties’ Planet loyalty programme affiliated with more than 600+ high schools, colleges, and universities across Canada and around the world. So as a Smarties’ Planet member, you will be prioritized with information about scholarships and special support from the school throughout your study abroad.

Receive a referral premium up to C$ 200 

When you successfully introduce a new student to Yes Study, you will immediately receive a Referral Premium worth CAD 100 and rank up your membership from Silver to Gold.

With the second student successfully introduced to Yes Study, Smarties members immediately receive CAD 125 and rank up your membership from Gold to Platinum. Smarties members immediately receive CAD 200 per student, from the third student successfully introduced to Yes Study.

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