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Edkent Media announces adjusted digital service for Toronto SMEs

Edkent Media announces adjusted digital service for Toronto SMEs

Toronto, Aug 17, 2018Canada’s top SEO company Edkent Media has introduced new methods for digital marketing activities, aiming to provide better services for Toronto SEO. This development will mark a new milestone aimed at redefining digital marketing services for local traffic. 

The founding members themselves will be responsible for the business development and marketing of the agency.

Digital solutions and dedicated account management personnel

When announcing the launch and sharing their vision for “SEO Toronto”, one of the team members said: “This release marks Edkent Media digital service to strengthen the group’s services, and our ability to provide customers with successful market success. Our effective The Toronto SEO strategy will work closely with the brand team to understand and complete the ideas that consumers want to belong and participate in, so as to produce long-term results.”

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Improving the overall ranking of the company’s website

The company plans to provide customers with services and solutions through a digital platform, and will focus on brand strategy and creative output to form the core of its digital approach. Toronto local SEO will help improve the overall ranking of the company’s website in Google’s local search results. Experts at Edkent Media digital service will work hard to attract more traffic to the company’s website through highly searchable and relevant keywords. 

Increasing the number of potential customers

Edkent Media digital service will help increase the number of potential customers by filling out forms and calling, and maximize their local online visibility and precise positioning. Target audience to enhance the full potential. The agent will provide digital integration services to existing customers and provide high-quality Edkent Media digital service agents for new customers.

In order to improve the ranking of our customers, our team has formulated strategies based on the analysis of competitors and developed a technical SEO audit, which is not available to any other agents. Our SEO strategy has identified achievable and realistic KPIs and various milestones. “Said an SEO expert at Edkent Media.

Innovative content marketing methods

Edkent Media digital service is known for its innovative content marketing methods, and the spokesperson added: “We focus on content marketing strategies. Our team evaluates the performance of the website, distribution channels, content categories to discover more opportunities and create high-quality content, such as information graphics, white papers, and so on.”

Edkent Media a Toronto SEO company

Edkent Media is a Toronto SEO, web design and internet marketing company. They have more than 100 customers and help small to large companies develop their businesses through Internet marketing services.

The Edkent Media digital service team believes that no one knows your business better than you. However, because you are busy running your business, you are looking for experts who can help you achieve your online marketing goals, whether it’s a potential customer, brand promotion or specific marketing needs. Edkent Media digital service differs from other online marketing companies in that they ensure that you understand all activities from strategy to implementation to reporting.

A retention rate of 95% for Edkent Media digital service

Their dedicated account managers keep in constant contact with customers and are always available. Their communication methods and the results produced have achieved a retention rate of 95% and have made Edkent Media one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies.

Beat the record: 44 cars sold in one day at Savico Auto Show 2017

Beat the record: 44 cars sold in one day at Savico Auto Show 2017

Saigon, Jun 28, 2017Nearly 5,000 visitors, more than 1,000 test drives, nearly 500 guests using free car care and more than 40 cars sold after just 2 days are impressive numbers showing the great success of Savico Auto Show 2017 event.

Savico Auto Show 2017 – The largest exhibition, purchase and test drive event in the Mekong Delta, organized by OtoS Joint Stock Company, has ended successfully with impressive numbers.

Nearly 5,000 visitors

In just two days of the event (June 24 and 25, 2017), Savico Auto Show 2017 has shown great attraction to customers, especially Western customers, when welcoming a total of nearly 5,000 visitors.

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With a space of up to 170,000 square meters in the campus of Can Tho Stadium and an exhibition area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters, “Savico Auto Show 2017” has the presence of 9 cult car brands and more than 40 floating models. turned on in the Vietnamese market. In addition to prominent models such as Toyota Fortuner 2017, Honda City 2017, Ford Explorer, … customers coming to Savico Auto Show 2017 can also “see with their own eyes, touch with their hands” Volvo luxury cars such as Volvo XC90, Volvo XC60 and Volvo S90.

More than 1,000 test drives

Not only to visit and learn about new models, customers coming to Savico Auto Show 2017 are also directly tested to experience the most authentic driving experience, features as well as safety of the cars. but I am “looking at” before deciding to buy. The test drive is designed with diverse tests but ensures safety, on the detour around Can Tho Stadium.

After two days of test drive, more than 1,000 customers participated in the experience, with nearly 20 outstanding models from 9 brands, including Volvo XC90, XC60, S90, Toyota Fortuner 2017, Toyota Hilux, Ford Everest, Ford Ecosport, Hyundai Santafe, Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic, 2017 Honda City, Nissan Navara, Nissan X-trail, Suzuki Ciaz, Suzuki Vitara and Ssangyong Tivoli.

Nearly 500 customers use the free car care service

Not only attracting customers by top rocking models, Savico Auto Show 2017 also attracts visitors by many free oil care, maintenance and change booths from main sponsors 3M, Achison and Total.

At the end of the 2-day event, nearly 500 customers participated in car care. In which, there are nearly 250 customers using free car oil change services, more than 180 customers participating in car washing and nearly 60 customers participating in cleaning, vacuuming the interior compartment and polishing the dashboard.

Selling more than 40 cars in just 2 days

In addition to the impressive numbers of customers participating, the number of test drivers and car care users, Savico Auto Show 2017 has been particularly successful when it shows efficiency. In just 2 days, participating brands sold more than 40 vehicles. In which, Honda is the most popular brand. In addition, other brands such as Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, Suzuki or Hyundai also have two days of “eating and making”.

Awarded 20 scholarships with a total value of nearly 1.3 billion VND

Besides business and display activities, Savico Auto Show 2017 is also oriented to social activities, for the community. In addition to awarding 20 million VND to the Fund for the Poor in Can Tho City, the Organizing Committee of Savico Auto Show 2017 also cooperated with TIS International School to organize 20 scholarships to customers who buy cars directly at the balances with a total value of up to 1.26 billion.