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New COVID-19 challenge: Mutations increase with cases

New COVID-19 challenge: Mutations increase with cases

Toronto, Jan 18, 2021New changes have taken place in the race against the virus that causes COVID-19: mutations pop up quickly, and the longer it takes to vaccinate people, the more likely there is a variant that can evade current tests, treatments and vaccines.

Genetic diversity of coronaviruses

The genetic diversity of coronaviruses is becoming more and more, and health officials say the high incidence of new cases is the main reason. Every new infection will cause the virus to replicate itself, thereby having a chance to mutate, thus threatening the progress of controlling the epidemic so far.

On Friday, the World Health Organization urged greater efforts to discover new variants. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the new version first confirmed in the UK may dominate the US by March. 

The CDC said that although it will not cause more serious diseases, it will cause more hospitalizations and deaths because it is easier to spread, warning that it “has entered a new phase of exponential growth.”

“We take it very seriously,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease expert of the US government, said on NBC’s “Meet the Media” on Sunday.

Dr. Michael Mina of Harvard University said: “We need to do our best…to make the spread as low as possible.” “The best way to prevent the emergence of mutant strains is to slow down the rate of spread.” So far, the vaccine seems to still be effective, but there are signs that some new mutations may disrupt testing for the virus and reduce the effectiveness of antibody drugs as a treatment.

“We are in a race against time,” said Dr. Padis Sabetti, an extensive evolutionary biologist at MIT and Harvard University, because this virus “may find mutations accidentally, making it even more dangerous.”

She warned that young people may be reluctant to wear masks, avoid crowds and take other steps to avoid infection, because the current pressure does not seem to make them very sick, but a mutation may occur. 

Sabeti recorded changes in the Ebola virus during the 2014 outbreak, which made the situation worse.

A rapid increase in COVID-19 mutations

It is normal for viruses to obtain small changes or mutations in genetic letters during reproduction. Software that helps viruses thrive can give it a competitive advantage, thereby excluding other versions.

In March of this year, only a few months after the discovery of the coronavirus in China, a mutation called D614G appeared, which made it easier to spread. It quickly became the dominant version in the world.

Trevor Bedford, a biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, wrote on Twitter last week that now, after months of relative calm, the virus’s “we have started See some amazing evolution”. “Since September, we have observed three interesting changes, and this fact suggests that there may be more changes.”

One of them was first discovered in the UK and quickly became dominant in parts of the UK. It has been reported in at least 30 countries, including the United States.

Soon thereafter, South Africa and Brazil reported new variants. On Tuesday, researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles said that another new mutation was found in one-third of COVID-19 cases in the city, which may have contributed to its recent surge in cases.

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Dr. Dan Jones, a molecular pathologist at Ohio State University, said that in the version identified in the UK, the major mutations also appeared in “at least a different version issued in Ohio in September.” Found last week.

Jones said: “The important finding here is that this is unlikely to be related to travel,” and may reflect that the virus will independently acquire similar mutations as more infections occur.

Mina said this also indicates that travel restrictions may not be effective. He said that because there are too many cases in the United States, “we can breed our own variants, spoiled or deteriorated.”

Treatment, vaccine, risk of reinfection

Some laboratory tests indicate that the variants found in South Africa and Brazil may be less susceptible to antibody drugs or convalescent plasma, antibody-rich blood from COVID-19 survivors-both help people fight the virus .

Dr. Janet Woodcock of the US Food and Drug Administration told reporters on Thursday that government scientists are “actively investigating” this possibility. She said the government is encouraging the development of multiple antibody treatments, rather than single antibody drugs, so that there are more ways to target the virus, just in case.

Many scientists say that current vaccines can induce a sufficiently broad immune response and therefore should remain effective. Sufficient genetic changes may eventually require adjustments to vaccine formulations, but “if we use vaccines well, instead of months, it may take years,” Dr. Andrew Pavia of the University of Utah hosted on Thursday Said on the webcast. American Academy of Infectious Diseases.

Toronto lockdown and its impact on small businesses and local restaurants

Toronto lockdown and its impact on small businesses and local restaurants

Toronto, Nov 21, 2020One week has passed since the Toronto and Peel areas entered the second lockdown, and the lockup period will last for 28 days. This means that those of us in the gray zone have to hide in time for December 21 before the holidays. Except for family dinners and countdown toasts, we have entered the busiest consumption season of the year. All businesses, especially small businesses, have seen the highest revenue generation weeks.

Lack of government support for small and local businesses

Due to the lack of government support for small and local businesses, there has been an overwhelming majority, and these businesses are now forced to close during peak seasons. Adam Skelly, owner of Adamson BBQ, a restaurant based in Etobicoke, became a notorious and informal spokesperson for anti-blockade sentiment. 

When Toronto entered the gray area, Skelly violated the suspension order and kept the restaurant open. Hundreds of people showed up to support and protest these restrictions.

Skelly was later arrested and fined, but was not fined before establishing a GoFundMe account to pay its legal fees. Now, the account has raised more than US$280,000 from nearly 6,000 donors in more than five days.

Several local restaurant chains in Toronto filed for bankruptcy

The popular Buca restaurant serves downtown Toronto at three locations and was evacuated from Yonge and Eglinton locations due to unpaid rent. Later, it was reported that King Street Food Group, Burka’s parent company, was filing for bankruptcy. The company was in debt of nearly $46 million. 

The group also owns five other GTA restaurants, including La Banane. Jacob’s & Co. Steakhouse and Jamie’s Italian. KSF Group said that between April and September, revenue fell by 98% compared to the same period last year, which is true in many hotel industries.

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Although there may not be enough restaurant groups to acquire tens of millions of dollars in debt, its failure echoes the dozens of independently owned and operated restaurants acquired before COVID-19. 

As an downtown restaurant owner and 25-year industry veteran told me earlier this fall, before the province announces the second shutdown of Toronto and Peel, “we may be able to stay for another three months. But when the cold weather comes, I am beautiful and make sure we close the door forever.”

A hopeless case for Toronto hospitality industry

Although hospitality seems to be welcomed to a certain extent because of its bleak prospects, in general, small businesses, especially those in the retail industry, seem to persevere during the holidays because they can skillfully make up for a large part of the past eight years. The losses suffered during the month.

A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that total holiday spending will fall by 30.7% year-on-year; 57% of Canadians said the epidemic had a negative impact on their spending power. 

Although large companies such as Costco and Walmart are allowed to open, small independent retailers must close or face the consequences.

Costco and Walmart can still sell non-essential items along with groceries

As Toronto columnist and author Sabrina Maddeaux pointed out: “Costco and Walmart can still sell non-essential items along with groceries, and department stores can continue to sell vital items such as socks. Although In fact, with the struggle of small retailers, the profits of large packaging boxes have soared throughout 2020. Walmart alone reported a revenue increase of 5.6% over last year, and free cash flow of $15.4 billion, an increase of 9.4% over last year. “

Large companies continue to profit from the closure of the pandemic and turn billionaires into superbillionaires. Where is the solidarity of the small and medium enterprises that are the core of our economy?

Canadian employment wage subsidies and Canadian emergency rent subsidies

Currently, the Canadian government has implemented Canadian employment wage subsidies and Canadian emergency rent subsidies. CEWS was launched last spring at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown and reissued a revised version on November 19. It brought a significant drop in income for business owners and some much-needed wage and salary reductions. On September 27, the Canadian government launched CERS so that eligible companies can get rent reductions. Both programs are scheduled to end in June 2021.

Although these two plans have helped many small businesses to maintain their livelihoods and were staffed at the beginning of the pandemic, this new lock-in measure and the lack of resources to withstand these closures could be a fatal blow to many people.

Canada needs small businesses

Small businesses account for 40.8% of Canada’s GDP. Due to the 28-day embargo period in Toronto and Peel (the two major economic centers of Canada), and the uncertainty of the future embargo and the financial viability of COVID-19 restrictions, we are likely to lose the key to the financial health and prosperity part of the country.

Canada needs small businesses. Our community needs small businesses. Moreover, our government needs to better recognize this and support our small businesses through tax incentives or at least programs that are comparable to large companies. Otherwise, the devastating effects of this epidemic will take decades to repair.

IMV Company launched the Hybrid camera Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

IMV Company launched the Hybrid camera Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

Saigon, Dec 23, 2019Instax Mini Link-Fujifilm’s flagship smartphone printer was officially released in Vietnam. The event was held by International Minh Viet JSC, Instax’s exclusive distributor in Vietnam.

Instax Mini Link fast printing printer

Instax Mini Link is a fast printing printer that allows users to connect to mobile phones to print photos. In addition to the basic functions of printing photos from smartphones, Fujifilm has also innovated excellent social functions to enhance the customer experience and make printing more fun and easy.

The mini-link, with the tagline: “Don’t just accept, give.” Fujifilm hopes that Mini Mink will serve as a bridge to help consumers connect with the world through cute Instax photos. Users can send photos as unique gifts to their friends, family members or even strangers, without having to take photos and put them in their pockets.

Improvement on Instax SP2

Instax Mini Link is an improvement of Instax SP2. Compared with SP2, this model has an eye-catching compact design and comes in 3 colors: dull pink, off-white and dark denim. Mini Link replaces the flat metal surface that is easily scratched like SP2, and has a rubber cover with a straight line together with the machine to help prevent scratches.

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In addition, Fujifilm also has a power button with an Instax logo in the center of the camera, which will light up in different colors to indicate which mode you are using, when to print the device, or even the product has a problem.

Fujifilm’s Match Test function amazed its fans

Fujifilm’s Match Test function amazed its fans. To use this feature, the user must select 2 people’s photos, which can be photos of you and your friends or your lover. The match test has two functions: “accept the test” and “keep yourself destined”.

If you choose “take the exam”, the device will display 5 multiple choice questions, and the user and their beloved will choose the correct answer for each question. Then, based on how similar the answers are, provide them with a matching percentage. If you select “Keep Fate”, the device will recognize your face and print out the result.

Instax party printing function

In addition, the device also has a party printing function, allowing users to connect up to 5 mobile phones to print fantasy photos. Each user will select a photo, and the device will automatically cut 5 photos and combine them into 1 Instax photo.

Toronto’s Leslieville releases new Guidant mural with StreetARToronto

Toronto’s Leslieville releases new Guidant mural with StreetARToronto

Toronto, Nov 1, 2017Toronto’s StreetARToronto program has partnered with the Toronto Parking Authority to support a new mural entitled Guidant. Councillor Paula Fletcher (Danfoss District 30, Toronto) will unveil the new mural with partner representatives and Toronto artist Mediah.

Official unveiling ceremony at Queen Street East and Boston Avenue

The official unveiling ceremony will be at noon on Friday, November 3, at 1014 Queen Street at the intersection of Queen Street East and Boston Avenue.

Congressman Fletcher said: “With this new art installation, Leslieville becomes even more exciting.” “Projects like this inject art, culture and creativity into the community, and also share important information.”

Evond Blake is a multidisciplinary visual artist who has worked under the pseudonym Mediah for 22 years. His work blurs the line between post-graffiti and dynamic abstraction, including weaving street art forms with traditional painting techniques and mixed media prints. 

Inspiring community members to look at art and life in a different way

The artist hopes that this vibrant mural can inspire community members to look at art and life in a different way, and explore new ways of life. The dynamic line work and dynamic components are reminiscent of gears, spokes, bicycle lanes and the energy consumed to reach our destination.

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The Toronto Parking Authority is pleased to support such projects, which have made important contributions to the community. This exquisite bicycle themed artwork is located next to the Bike Share Toronto bicycle station.

StreetARToronto programme for streets and public spaces

StreetARToronto (StART) is an innovative program designed specifically for streets and public spaces. 

The StART program encourages active transportation such as walking and cycling, and creates opportunities for active participation among residents, businesses, artists, art organizations, and municipal staff. By replacing vandalism with vibrant and colorful artworks, StART plans to make our streets safer and more beautiful, showcase local artists, guide emerging creative talents, and reduce overall infrastructure maintenance costs. 

While based on themes related to the local community, StART’s artworks and artists also reflect the city’s motto: to diversify our power and build a greater sense of belonging among all people. StART is an initiative of the “Public Domain” section of the City of Toronto Transportation Services Department.

I Can Read English teaching franchise to spread out South East Asia

I Can Read English teaching franchise to spread out South East Asia

Singapore, Oct 28, 2016At I Can Read, the main focus is to ensure that young students overcome the challenges and difficulties in reading and that they become confident, independent readers.

I Can Read reading experts

I Can Read reading experts hope to help ICR students reach all the necessary milestones in their literacy process. Week after week, their teachers use unique methods to observe students’ reading, writing, spelling and speaking skills.

How does I Can Read consistently reach these milestones?

With the meticulous design in the “I Can Read” system, the company reached the milestone of literacy. Unlike most reading methods, their system is based on subject research, especially language science. I Can Read’s 15 years of in-depth research on the English literacy of child psychology highlights their reading plan.

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I Can Read consistent results of 270,000 students

This is what gives the company consistent results, which is why more than 270,000 students have learned to use the I Can Read system to read.

Microsoft Canada and City of Toronto partnership to help SMEs

Microsoft Canada and City of Toronto partnership to help SMEs

Toronto, Oct 25, 2016Toronto Mayor John Tory (John Tory) and Microsoft Canada President Janet Kennedy (Janet Kennedy) today announced a new partnership that will provide small businesses in Toronto with cloud-based productivity tools and solutions.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy

Mayor Tory said: “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and it is very important to support our local businesses throughout the city. “Through the partnership with Microsoft Canada, Toronto’s entrepreneurs and small business communities will gain access to them. The resources needed to succeed, grow your business and create jobs. “

Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada, said: “Our work, collaboration, and communication methods are changing. For small businesses, having ownership makes them more agile, cost-effective and more agile in today’s digital world. Competitive technology is essential, “We are very pleased to introduce our productivity service suite to the City of Toronto’s plan and look forward to continuing our commitment to helping Canada’s small and medium enterprises develop and prosper through modern technology. “

Microsoft Canada to increase productivity and profitability

As part of the partnership, Microsoft Canada will work with New York City to assist small and medium enterprises in using digital tools and services to help them increase productivity and profitability. A related goal is to help companies collaborate and resolve common concerns. The support provided to small businesses will include providing access to various cloud-based technologies and training courses.

Information about the online tools and services is available at http://www.microsoft.ca/msft416.

Community News N2 1, News, Nguyen Dinh Bao de Org, Jan 2022_Microsoft Canada and City of Toronto partnership to help SMEs 2

Today’s announcement builds on the services the City of Toronto provides for small businesses, including its Small Business Support Program, Toronto Enterprise (www.toronto.ca/enterprisetoronto) and Digital Mainstreet (www.digitalmainstreet.ca).

These plans are part of the “From Concept to Commercialization: The City of Toronto Launches Ecosystem Strategy” approved by the City Council in 2015.

Inspiring Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses

Today’s partnership announcement was held at the 16th Annual Small Business Forum in New York City, the largest conference of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Toronto. The all-day event features keynote speeches that inspire Canadian entrepreneurs, as well as panel discussions and panel discussions. 

More than 80 exhibitors showed off their services for small businesses.

The forum is attended by more than 2,500 people every year, providing opportunities for exchanges between existing and new companies and learning opportunities from business people including successful entrepreneurs, investors, lending institutions, industry experts and government plan providers.

The Small Business Forum and Enterprise Toronto

The Small Business Forum is organized by the City of Toronto through Enterprise Toronto. The Toronto Enterprise Board provides tailor-made services throughout the year to meet the needs of Toronto entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping them to reach their full potential, so as to grow to create jobs and contribute to Toronto’s prosperity. 

Enterprise Toronto is a service provided by the New York City Department of Economic Development and Culture.

Important sponsors and partners such as Toronto Bank Group, Yellow Pages, Microsoft, Vistaprint, Rogers and TruShield Insurance all support the commitment to build a strong community for Toronto small businesses at the forum.

Established in 1985, Microsoft Canada Inc. is a Canadian subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq “MSFT”). Microsoft is a global leader in software, services, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.