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Jan 23, 2021 | Career Updates | 0 comments

The largest Canada study abroad exhibition with 50 Canadian colleges

Career Updates | 0 comments

Saigon, Jan 23, 2021Yes Study proudly holds an Online Study Abroad Exhibition with 50 leading universities and colleges in Canada, helping parents and students connect with school representatives to talk about the chapter. training, applications, scholarships to study in Canada, jobs after graduation, and opportunities to settle in Canada to live and develop a long-term career.

Study in Canada, enrolling courses in May, September 2021 with Yes Study

With a modern education, widely recognized and valuable worldwide, and the cost of studying is not too high, Canada is a promising land for international students. Especially for students, as well as those professionals who are planning to take their career to new heights.

According to the latest information from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), international students who receive letters of admission (LOAs) from Designated Learning Institution (DLI) registered schools will be allowed to fly directly to Canada to complete their course. Although when entering Canada after January 2021, international students will have to quarantine at home for 2 weeks.

International students in Canada are allowed to work overtime up to 20 hours a week while studying, as well as enjoy great social benefits and access to many post-graduate immigration opportunities. The job market in Canada is quite vibrant with more than 300,000 new jobs being created each year, with Toronto and Vancouver alone being the top two cities.

Not only can Canadian citizens enjoy many benefits such as medical care, start-up support, and unemployment benefits and many other benefits, but international students in Canada also have similar benefits depending on each phase.

The last point to make Canada a promising land for international students is that this country is expanding its immigration policies to top investors and professionals around the world, with many immigration programs. skills and province are very diverse. This is the reason why Canada ranks first in the list of countries with the most international students in the world.

Due to the frequently changing policies and regulations of immigration Canada, as well as a wide variety of training programs, Yes Study welcomes future students to an exhibition to study abroad to answer questions and assist their concerns. 

The main content will be discussed at the exhibition in Canada

Yes Study’s online Canada study abroad exhibition covers topics about the curriculum, research, discipline, and level of study as follows, as well as answering questions and concerns of parents and others. students about life, employment, and residency in Canada.

The program discussed at the Canada study abroad exhibition is as follows.

– Introducing 50 leading universities and colleges in Canada such as York University, Trent University, Humber College, University Canada West, and many other prestigious schools in Canada.

– Consulting all levels, from high school, college, university, to master’s, doctoral level.

– Study orientation, career path with over 500 disciplines.

– List of leading majors in Canada with many job opportunities, easy to apply for immigration.

– Consulting solutions to study in Canada during the 2021 epidemic season.

– The process of applying to study in Canada is for international students.

– The opportunity to receive scholarships up to 100% of tuition.

– Receive and review records right at the exhibition.

– Aim for international students after graduation, along with job opportunities and the ability to connect with leading experts and employers in the industry.

– Student life in Canada, currently the world’s top livable country.

– Choosing a place, health care arrangements, safety, and other considerations when studying in Canada.

Benefits of participating in the Yes Study Canada Study Abroad Workshop

– To meet and interact online with admissions representatives of 50 top universities and colleges in Canada.

– To have a one-on-one consulting session with school representatives who have a training program that is suitable for a suitable study orientation and future career.

– Get consultation on the most comprehensive study abroad route with Yes Study’s Canadian experts.

– Stay up to date with the latest Canada study information for 2021.

– Guide to Canada immigration procedures with many additional provisions during the Covid-19 season.

– Guide to writing a perfect study plan / study plan to convince the consulate.

– Advice to study in Canada for savings without financial proof under the Study Direct Stream (SDS) program.

– Considering scholarships right at the exhibition with many exclusive scholarships worth up to 50-100% of tuition fee.

An exclusive gift for participating in a Study Abroad from Yes Study

Parents, students, and brothers and sisters will be free of charge for many services to complete Canada study profiles, not only in Vietnam but also during their studies in the country of maple leaves. Future students will have the opportunity to receive a support package of up to 60 million VND, reduce financial burden, help them having a journey to conquer the land of maple leaves without worry.

– Free $ 150 school records review fee.

– Tourist visa for relatives when applying at the seminar.

– IELTS training voucher worth VND 200,000 at The IELTS Workshop.

– Arranging housing in Canada, airport shuttle, health insurance registration.

– Supporting students throughout the process of studying abroad in Canada.

– A souvenir from Yes Study.

Opportunity to work in Canada up to 3 years after graduation

After graduation, international students will be granted a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) working visa for up to 3 years. This is a stepping stone for Canada’s immigration destination, in which international students accumulate 1-2 years of work experience to gain 40-53 points on the Canadian Immigration Department’s review scale.

Toronto and Vancouver lead the job market in Canada with median income in the downtown area of ​​up to C$ 45,000 – 56,000 a year, compensating for the high cost of living, mainly renting houses and transportation. again. For the hot graduates, leading the class, with a company that offered a job right from the time they were in school, working and living in Toronto or Vancouver is not difficult.

As for the international students studying in a career that is difficult to find work, or graduating in difficult times like the past 2020, Canada still has many other options, from living and working in smaller cities. , to the selection of settlement programs in other provinces.

Yes Study’s Canada study abroad exhibition will be an opportunity for parents and students to exchange and get specific advice about this study, work, and settlement options in Canada.

Appropriate solution and immigration program to Canada

Upon expiration of the PGWP and experience working in Canada for the past 3 years, international students can apply for permanent residency (PR) under a skilled profession.

Some of the well-known programs of this type are: The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP), the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program or the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, or Quebec (Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility).

Yes Study is pleased to accompany parents, international students and families throughout the process of studying, working, and living in Canada, from the time of enrollment to the submission of immigration documents in Canada. . Please contact Yes Study’s offices in Vietnam for detailed advice on settlement programs suitable for you and your family.

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