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Oct 25, 2016 | Community News | 0 comments

Microsoft Canada and City of Toronto partnership to help SMEs

Community News | 0 comments

Toronto, Oct 25, 2016Toronto Mayor John Tory (John Tory) and Microsoft Canada President Janet Kennedy (Janet Kennedy) today announced a new partnership that will provide small businesses in Toronto with cloud-based productivity tools and solutions.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy

Mayor Tory said: “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and it is very important to support our local businesses throughout the city. “Through the partnership with Microsoft Canada, Toronto’s entrepreneurs and small business communities will gain access to them. The resources needed to succeed, grow your business and create jobs. “

Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada, said: “Our work, collaboration, and communication methods are changing. For small businesses, having ownership makes them more agile, cost-effective and more agile in today’s digital world. Competitive technology is essential, “We are very pleased to introduce our productivity service suite to the City of Toronto’s plan and look forward to continuing our commitment to helping Canada’s small and medium enterprises develop and prosper through modern technology. “

Microsoft Canada to increase productivity and profitability

As part of the partnership, Microsoft Canada will work with New York City to assist small and medium enterprises in using digital tools and services to help them increase productivity and profitability. A related goal is to help companies collaborate and resolve common concerns. The support provided to small businesses will include providing access to various cloud-based technologies and training courses.

Information about the online tools and services is available at http://www.microsoft.ca/msft416.

Today’s announcement builds on the services the City of Toronto provides for small businesses, including its Small Business Support Program, Toronto Enterprise (www.toronto.ca/enterprisetoronto) and Digital Mainstreet (www.digitalmainstreet.ca).

These plans are part of the “From Concept to Commercialization: The City of Toronto Launches Ecosystem Strategy” approved by the City Council in 2015.

Inspiring Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses

Today’s partnership announcement was held at the 16th Annual Small Business Forum in New York City, the largest conference of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Toronto. The all-day event features keynote speeches that inspire Canadian entrepreneurs, as well as panel discussions and panel discussions. 

More than 80 exhibitors showed off their services for small businesses.

The forum is attended by more than 2,500 people every year, providing opportunities for exchanges between existing and new companies and learning opportunities from business people including successful entrepreneurs, investors, lending institutions, industry experts and government plan providers.

The Small Business Forum and Enterprise Toronto

The Small Business Forum is organized by the City of Toronto through Enterprise Toronto. The Toronto Enterprise Board provides tailor-made services throughout the year to meet the needs of Toronto entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping them to reach their full potential, so as to grow to create jobs and contribute to Toronto’s prosperity. 

Enterprise Toronto is a service provided by the New York City Department of Economic Development and Culture.

Important sponsors and partners such as Toronto Bank Group, Yellow Pages, Microsoft, Vistaprint, Rogers and TruShield Insurance all support the commitment to build a strong community for Toronto small businesses at the forum.

Established in 1985, Microsoft Canada Inc. is a Canadian subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq “MSFT”). Microsoft is a global leader in software, services, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

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