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Trucker Protest, Nguyen Dinh Bao Org, Feb 2022 02

Feb 4, 2022 | Community News | 0 comments

Trucker protest continues in downtown Toronto, blocking Bloor Street

Community News | 0 comments

Toronto, Feb 4, 2022Nation-wide trucker protest now continues in downtown Toronto, blocking Bloor Street from West to East ends. This is a part of the Canadian national convoy movement against government vaccine mandates.

Last weekend, a truck convoy of hundreds arrived in Ottawa. Tens of thousands of Canadians have landed in the national capital to protest the blockade of the coronavirus  and ongoing restrictions. The arrival of agricultural vehicles  in Toronto today was another sign that the movement had expanded beyond  the truck driver who led the Ottawa event.

A huge agricultural tractor and light truck arrived at Queen’s Park for a demonstration on Friday afternoon. Police barricades prevented them from approaching the Capitol and parked activists next to  the Royal Ontario Museum.

Demonstrators gathered in Toronto to protest the COVID-related vaccination obligations and blockades. It’s unclear who exactly hosted the event in Toronto. One of the demo sponsors is an anti-blocking / anti-mask group called The Line Canada.

Part of University Avenue was closed  to protect Hospital Row. Closures take place throughout the weekend, but are accessible to hospital staff, workers, patients, and those who pick them up.

The demonstration, called “occupation” by some, is now on its ninth day, with gridlock continuing and vehicles ringing.

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